Vision/Mission Statement

Vision/Mission Statement

Quality and innovation remain the hallmarks that define development strategies at Zil Air......


Zil Air is committed to being the outright leader in its field by offering the youngest aerial fleet in the Indian Ocean, which effortlessly converts into a premium offering of luxury bespoke 'aerial limo services', delivering the highest level of comfort and safety whilst establishing a benchmark for personal service.

"Whatever the dream, no matter how daring or grand, somebody will eventually achieve it... so it might as well be us at Zil Air!"


Zil Air does not compromise. Aesthetic 'Best Practice' considerations lie at the heart of our approach to current and future developments, always ensuring that our focus remains contemporary and consumer-centric.

Zil Air matches the expectations and demands of cherished tourists to Seychelles, through service excellence, consistent quality and an uncompromising 'safety first' culture.