• Can we book direct with you?
    • We accept direct bookings and payments. However, restricted booking policy to some destination, are applicable.

  • Can we hire the aircraft to fly?
    • Our aircraft are flown by our pilots and private charter is available for transfers only.

  • Can we take off from the airport domestic terminal or land at the domestic terminal?
    • All are flights are operated from our lounge for the comfort of the passenger and to provide you with a swift service delivery. If you are arriving in a private Jet and have made prior arrangement with the Protocol, we can land next to the jet.

  • Do we have to wear the lifejacket?
    • Most of our flights are being operated above water; life jackets must be worn throughout the flights.

  • How long has the company been operational?
    • Zil Air has been operating since 2008.

  • How long is the flight?
    • Refer to our destination pages.

  • How many passengers can each aircraft take?
    • EC120 B - 4 passengers + 1 pilot
      Vulcanair P68C - 5 passengers + 1 pilot

  • How old is our aircrafts - year manufactured?
    • Helicopter S7 ILE manufactured in 2004
      Helicopter S7 ZIL manufactured in 2004
      Helicopter S7 AIR manufactured in 2008
      Vulcanair P68C manufactured in 2011

  • If the weather is bad - what happens?
    • In the event of bad weather, our pilot will make the final decision whether to operate the flight or not. At all times safety is our highest priority.

  • Payment procedure?
    • Payment can be made by Credit Cards (Visa or Master cards), Cash Sales or Bank Transfers.

  • What happens in a case of emergency?
    • Prior to embarkation our ground staff will give you a safety briefing of the evacuation procedure of the aircraft.

  • What is the total luggage we can take?
    • Refer to disposable payload sheets - Link

  • What is your early take off time?
    • For the Helicopter EC120 B - We fly from Sunrise to Sunset, therefore the early departure will depend on Sunrise.
      Vulcanair P68C - This plane can fly a night, therefore we can operate at your convenience. We currently operate commercially from 05:30 to 22:30

  • What is your flight speed?
    • EC120 B - 184km/h
      Vulcanair P68C - 301km/h

  • What is your latest take off time?
    • EC120 B - We fly from Sunrise to Sunset, therefore the latest departure will depend on Sunset.
      Vulcanair P68C - This plane can fly a night, therefore we can operate as early as 05:00

  • What kind of packages do we offer?
    • We offer a whole range of services, ranging from: A la carte (custom made flight), Private charter transfers, Scenic Flights, and Tailor made Excursions to remote beaches Refer to our packages - Link

  • What types of aircraft are in our fleet?
    • EC120 B
      Vulcanair P68C
      Beechcraft King Air 250

  • Where is your lounge?
    • We are located at the end of the runway.
      Refer to the location map - Link

  • Will someone meet me at the airport?
    • One of our representative will meet and greet you at the arrival gate of the international airport, or if you have booked through a travel agent they will meet and greet you.